RGB Samples

Our Raised Garden Beds Samples are a sneak peek into our creation process.

Created as a result of our domestic manufacturing endeavours, they are a testament to the comprehensive production testing we conduct before we introduce new sizes to you.

When you invest in these beds, you champion sustainable, local manufacturing—a triumph for you, our community, and the environment.


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What gardeners want to know

FAQs about our garden beds

Our Bloom, Oasis, and Harvest Mini garden bed styles ship the fastest with courier shipping.

Due to their size, the Discover and Harvest styles require LTL shipping and therefore may take longer to arrive.

View our shipping lead times by region here.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a garden bed to meet your needs.

  • Material

The material your garden bed is made from is important because it can affect durability, drainage, and soil quality and retention.

Galvanized steel is an excellent choice because it is strong and resists rust and weathering. Locally manufactured options are often better quality and subject to greater quality control, which means you'll avoid the lack of transparency and possible safety concerns that come with overseas manufacturing.

Thinner materials or materials including aluminium may scratch and corrode. Wooden garden beds are aesthetically pleasing but require higher maintenance and are subject to decay over time, especially in the Canadian climate.

  • Ease of assembly

Garden beds can be bulky and come with several pieces, making it difficult to put together easily.

  • Maintenance

Look for a garden bed that can provide excellent soil retention and is made of thicker, long-lasting and weatherproof materials. This will reduce the likelihood of requiring replacement and potential warping or decay.

  • Safety

Ensure that your garden bed is manufactured with safety in mind. Look for an integrated safety lip and fewer joints, as well as non-painted options to avoid the possibility of toxic chemicals leaching into your soil.

By choosing our durable steel beds, you're making a conscious decision to reduce your environmental impact.

In addition, we prioritize environmental safety in all of our processes, limiting our energy consumption where possible and using non-toxic materials and vegetable oils in our manufacturing. By sourcing and manufacturing domestically, we avoid carbon emissions produced by overseas transportation.

We purchase carbon offsets for all of our energy usage

At RGB, we prioritize your safety. Pre-painted beds are often sourced overseas and may carry safety concerns due to the lack of regulation and stringent quality control.

Our galvanized steel products allow you to personalize your beds to match your garden aesthetic. Your local paint store will be able to recommend a non-toxic paint that's safe for you and your plants.

We recommend only painting the exterior of your beds, so you can be sure to avoid any potential leaching into your soil.