The RGB Story


A letter to gardeners

We began this growing journey over 20 years ago with a dream of increasing gardening accessibility.

Today, everything we do is guided by that same vision: Creating the safest, most ergonomic, and cost effective solutions for Canadian gardeners.

Our Story

About 20 years ago our mum’s arthritis got so bad that she nearly gave up her passion for gardening. Getting to the ground to make sure her favourite veggies and flowers were tended to had gone from a joy to a debilitating chore.

We knew if we wanted to keep our fresh fruit and veggie supply, we would need to apply our engineering and product design backgrounds to finding a solution.

After extensive prototyping and research we developed the first Made in Canada Steel Raised Garden Bed — raised for accessibility, strong for the Canadian winters, and safe for growing and for the planet.

When our mum's first batch of tomatoes ripened, it reignited her passion. Her beaming smile made us believe we had created something great that was worth sharing.

Building for Canada's Future

As we continue to innovate, we remain committed to our mission of supporting homegrown manufacturing and social change initiatives to combat food insecurity for all Canadians. For two decades we have been proud to partner with community gardens across North America.

A lot of thought, hard work, and care has gone into every detail of each one of our products. We hope you love our gardening products as much as we do.

From our gardening family to yours: Happy growing!

The Moloo Family and the RGB Team

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