At Raised Garden Beds Canada, we’re passionate about creating a greener future for our planet. Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from the materials we use to our manufacturing processes and beyond. 

Sustainable materials

Our raised garden beds are made from 100% Canadian Steel, which contains recycled steel content, reducing waste and preserving resources. We also utilize food-safe Canola oil in our manufacturing process.

Carbon offset

To further our commitment to sustainability, we offer carbon offset shipping, counterbalancing the emissions generated during transportation by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gases.

Eco-friendly packaging

We prioritize minimal and sustainable packaging, using single-use packing materials sourcing from recycled materials as much as possible. Some of our packaging can even be repurposed as fill materials for your garden bed!

Domestic manufacturing and green energy

By manufacturing our products in Canada, we significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation. Our factory is also powered by green energy sources, minimizing our carbon footprint.

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