Raised Garden Beds: The Ideal Garden Solution


1. Health and wallet:

  • Produce that’s significantly higher in nutrients, freshness, and flavor
  • Reduce the amount of pesticides and chemicals you consume
  • Save money at the grocery store
  • Increase physical activity
  • Freshness and flavor

"Now I make fresh salads every day - it's so nice to be able to make a cucumber and tomato salad with fresh produce I've grown myself. The never-ending supply of fresh parsley doesn't hurt!"

2. Convenience:

  • Super simple assembly with just a screwdriver - no toolbox required!
  • Keep weeds, pests, and pets out of your garden
  • Soil warmth means your growing season starts much earlier
  • Much more food, much less space!

"Seriously impressed with how easily I managed to put this bed together - I was done and had my soil in and ready to go in less than a half hour."

3. Longevity:

  • Galvanized steel will not rust, rot, or split
  • High-quality steel hardware included
  • Outlasts all other materials WITHOUT leaching
  • Canadian steel, Canadian made

"My beautiful wooden bed split after a terrible rain season. Don't have to worry about that with this one!"

4. Environmentally friendly:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint growing all of your produce at home
  • Warmer beds mean you can keep growing even in colder weather
  • Less harmful pesticides
  • Turn scraps to compost - fertilize your bed
  • Turn unsightly areas into attractive landscapes

"I keep a row of beds going all the way around my garden with local flowers and when they bloom it looks absolutely stunning. I love it."