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Discover — 36" High — Raised Garden Bed

With the RGB experience:

Free shipping100% CanadianSimple assembly

Our 36" High Discover Raised Garden Beds are made from 1.00mm thick RGB Steel Alloy; specifically developed for Canadian gardening and free from harmful contaminants.

Each bed comes in 2 pieces for easy assembly; includes stainless steel hardware.

Bundle and save discounts available:

save up to 18% a bed with our 2-pack | save up to 32% a bed with our 6-pack

Strength1.0mm Thick RGB Steel Alloy sections2 rows of bolts
Ease of assembly2 sectionsStainless steel hardware included
SafetyIntegrated safety lipNo toxins used in manufacturingFree of heavy contaminants

For Canadians, tried and tested
Refined and tested for over two decades, our garden beds
are purposefully engineered to endure heavy usage and withstand Canadian

Introducing: RGB Steel Alloy

RGB Steel Alloy is a specially formulated galvanized steel blend with a corrugated profile designed for gardening. Up to 2x as thick and with up to 2x the zinc coating as other garden beds, RGB Steel Alloy
not only looks great but performs exceptionally well in retaining soil, supporting healthy plant growth, and can endure the Canadian elements (and winters!)

From our family to yours

For 20 years, everything we've done has been guided by the same vision: Creating the safest, most ergonomic, and cost effective solutions for Canadian gardeners.

From our gardening family to yours: Happy growing!

The quality you've come to expect

Features of our Discover Raised Garden Bed

Free Shipping

Delivered to you via LTL carrier

Easy Assembly

Get growing fast, all you need is a screwdriver

2 sections

The fewest sections and connections of any steel garden bed

36" Height

Raise your garden game, alleviate back and knee stress

1.0 mm Thick

Up to 2x the thickness of imported garden beds

Hardware Included

Comes with bolts, wing nuts, and washers

Safety First

Integrated safety lip, no attachment required

No Heavy Metals

No harmful toxins used in manufacturing

From our community

From our community

From our community

From our community

From our community

From our community

Frequently asked question

Our Discover comes in two easy to assemble, 1.0mm thick RGB Steel Alloy sections and is available up to 60"L and up to 36"W.

Our Harvest comes in four easy to assemble, 1.0mm thick RGB Steel Alloy sections and is available up to 120"L and up to 48"W.

Our Harvest mini is a more compact, faster shipping version of our classic Harvest. It comes in four easy to assemble, 1.0mm thick RGB Steel Alloy sections and is available up to 84"L and 36"W.

Orders for our Oasis, Oasis+, and Bloom are assembled in 1-2 business days and ship via courier.

Orders for select Discover and Harvest sizes (including our Harvest mini) are assembled in 1-4 business days and also ship via courier.

Orders for our larger Discover and Harvest sizes are assembled in 1-4 business days and require specialized LTL carriers.

Please note delivery times vary by region.

Please see our estimated transit times by region in our Shipping FAQ .

At Raised Garden Beds Canada, we believe in providing you with customizable and safe options for your garden.

While we don't offer pre-painted options, our garden beds feature a versatile galvanized finish that's perfect for a DIY paint job, allowing you to embrace your creative side and avoid the risks of imported pre-painted garden beds.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a garden bed to meet your needs.

Material: The material your garden bed is made from is important because it can affect durability, drainage, and soil quality and retention.

Galvanized steel is an excellent choice because it is strong and resists rust and weathering. Locally manufactured options are often better quality and subject to greater quality control, which means you'll avoid the lack of transparency and possible safety concerns that come with overseas manufacturing.

Thinner materials or materials including aluminium may scratch and corrode. Wooden garden beds are aesthetically pleasing but require higher maintenance and are subject to decay over time, especially in the Canadian climate.

Ease of assembly: Look for a garden bed with a straightforward assembly process, ideally one that requires minimal tools and time.

Maintenance: Look for a garden bed that can provide excellent soil retention and is made of thicker, long-lasting and weatherproof materials. This will reduce the likelihood of requiring replacement and potential warping or decay.

Safety: Ensure that your garden bed is manufactured with safety in mind. Look for an integrated safety lip and fewer joints, as well as non-painted options to avoid the possibility of toxic chemicals leaching into your soil.

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from the materials we use to our manufacturing processes and beyond.

Our made in Canada Raised Garden Beds adhere to RoHs guidelines, are made and packed with sustainable materials, and avoid carbon emissions produced by overseas transportation. We also purchase carbon offsets for all our energy usage.

By choosing our garden beds, you're making a conscious choice to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable food system.

Can't find the answer to your question? Please send us a message. We'd love to hear from you.